Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Holiday Shopping Shoes


Store flyers are in your inbox and mailbox. Advertisements are blaring on the television and radio for holiday shopping. It’s that time of year and we at NY Foot Health have two words to say to New Yorkers before they set out in search of bargains and one of a kind special gifts: good shoes! The shoes you wear for a holiday shopping trip can make the difference between a successful bargain hunting marathon and a star shopper that is sidelined at the first long cashier line. Below are some do’s and don’ts to help you choose a winning pair:

Do: avoid shoes with narrow or pointed toes. A roomy toe box will help prevent toes from being cramped and squeezing up against each other. Too-tight toe boxes can lead to ingrown toenails and aggravate deformities such as bunions and hammertoes.

Don’t: choose high heeled boots or shoes for your excursion. Forgo fashion over function and stick with a style that has a low or no heel.

Do: wear your custom orthotic if your podiatrist has prescribed one. They are necessary for correcting biomechanical dysfunction that make your feet hurt.

Do: wear shoes that are made of soft, breathable material with good air flow.

Do: look for a pair that has a good, slip-resistant tread—sleet, slush and snow can make for slippery conditions, especially at the entrances and steps going into stores.

Don’t: forget to run your hand around the inside of the shoes you plan to wear to check for any loose stitching or rough seams that could cause friction and leave you with a painful blister.

Do: remember to pack moleskin—in case a spot on your foot gets irritated so you can head off a blister forming. Also, bring your water bottle and stay hydrated. That will help prevent painful swelling of your feet and ankles.

Do: be sure to visit your podiatrist if long periods of time on your feet leave you in pain or discomfort that you suspect points to a podiatric disorder. Need help finding a qualified podiatrist in your area? Use our online directory.

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