Do’s and Don’ts for Avoiding Holiday Slip-Ups


At this time of the year, we at NY Foot Health know that busy New Yorkers are at an increased risk for falls. Not only because of slippery conditions brought on by frozen precipitation but also because there’s more on everyone’s mind with all the excitement and efforts of the holiday season. Below are some reminders to help keep everyone on their feet:

Do: pay attention when you are walking. It’s easy to get caught up in your head thinking about the many things you have to do or the elaborate scheduling gymnastics you have to go through to make it all happen. When you’re not focused on where you’re going, it’s easy to slip on an icy patch or not see the curb before you.

Don’t: carry so many bags, boxes and packages that you can’t see the ground. This increases your risk of tripping over an object on the sidewalk or path in front of you. You’ll also have a hard time keeping your balance or breaking a fall with your arms loaded.

Do: wear shoes that are appropriate for the weather and the terrain. Many a twisted ankle has occurred going to or from a holiday party in spiky heels. It’s always best to bring your fancy shoes and wear your snow boots when walking outside on slushy sidewalks.

Do: slow down! Rushing is one way to up your fall risk. Ask patients who are recovering from an ankle sprain or broken foot bone and they’ll tell you it wasn’t worth the few minutes they were trying to gain by running to the next event.

Don’t: drag your feet getting to the podiatrist’s office if you do fall and hurt your foot or ankle. While it may be tempting to “wait until after the holidays,” doing so will most likely make your injury worse and harder to recover from. Don’t have a podiatrist? We can help you find a podiatrist in your area with our online directory.

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