Time for a Boot Check


If you’re like many New York women, boots have been your go-to-choice of footwear for the last few months. As the first hints of spring arrive, we at NY Foot Health want to encourage women to take a few moments to evaluate their boots before putting them away for next year. Below are some questions to ask about your boots:

Do my heels hurt? Fashion boots, in general, are known for not having the best arch support. Spending long amounts of time in boots can lead to heel pain as a result. If you find that your heels are sore, your boots may be the reason. It’s a good idea to get heel pain evaluated by your podiatrist. Don’t have a podiatrist? We can help you find a qualified one in your area with our online directory. The foot doctor will examine your feet and heels and determine the source of the pain. An orthotic device may be prescribed to wear inside your boots and shoes to increase arch support and correct biomechanical defects in your feet.

Are my boots worn out? Although many people measure whether their boots are ready to be tossed by their appearance, over time the structure of the sole, heel and instep breaks down. This can cause foot or ankle pain. If a pair of boots you’ve had for a long time suddenly seem less comfortable this year it may be that they reached the end of their life in your shoe wardrobe.

Is the heel style putting me in harm’s way? If your boots have high or skinny heels, you are increasing your risk of ankle sprains due to a lack of stability. Repeatedly twisting your ankle can lead to weak ankles and chronic pain and swelling. Slippery and uneven surfaces are common during the winter months and require sturdy, low heels to prevent falls and injuries.

Do my boots still fit? Shoe size changes over time. If you’ve been wearing the same boots for a few years, it’s a good idea to get your feet professionally measured. Shoes that are too narrow in the toe box can be a risk factor for conditions such as bunions and hammertoes.

Taking the time to evaluate your boots now, while the way they make your feet feel is fresh in your mind, can help prevent foot health problems in the future. Maybe you’ll even find some end-of-the-winter sales and an opportunity to pick up a new pair that will not hurt your feet next winter!

To learn more about the causes of foot pain, contact us.