Facts about Sweaty Feet


During the winter months, wearing heavy socks and boots, combined with the heat being turned up in our cars, homes and offices may make sweaty feet seem pretty normal. But, at NY Foot Health, we know that there is a clinical condition called hyperhidrosis which is characterized by an abnormally excessive amount of sweating. Below are some facts about this disorder and what can be done about it.

FACT: Hyperhidrosis affects men more often than women and is more common in younger patients than older ones.

FACT: People who have feet that sweat profusely often have problems with sweaty palms as well.

FACT: Although doctors don’t know exactly why hyperhidrosis occurs, it is thought to be an inherited disorder. People with this condition sweat excessively almost all the time, regardless of the weather or temperature.

FACT: It’s important to have a podiatrist evaluate your feet if you believe you may have hyperhidrosis. (Need to find a podiatrist? Our online directory can help you locate one in your area.) Left untreated, patients with hyperhidrosis are more likely to develop foot infections due to the warm, moist conditions constantly present for the feet.

FACT: There are several ways you can help avoid complications if your feet sweat profusely:

  • Wash your feet every day with antibacterial soap.

  • Apply cornstarch, foot or antifungal powder to your feet before putting on socks.

  • Use socks made of natural or acrylic fiber blends that are moisture wicking to keep sweat off your feet as much as possible.

  • Keep a spare pair of socks with you so that you can change as soon as you feel that your feet are damp.

FACT: Ways to eliminate excessive sweating may include using a prescription roll-on antiperspirant, Botox injections, oral medications or a surgical procedure, sympathectomy, which disrupt the nerve signals that cause your body to sweat profusely.

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