Help Your Child Avoid Spring Sports Injuries

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The bones and muscles of young athletes are still developing. At NY Foot Health we know that podiatrists at this time of the year see many patients with sports injuries as the spring season heats up. You can take steps to help your child enjoy the game without pain and injury to their feet and ankles.

Spring Training—if your child will soon be starting a sport, get them off the couch and moving now. Going from inactivity to extreme activity in a short period of time can lead to blisters, shin splints and more serious injuries like Achilles tendonitis. In addition to spending more time being physically active, see if there are specific stretches and other exercises your child can do that will begin to work the muscles and ligaments they’ll be exerting during the season.

Gear Up—having the right footwear is one of the single most important ways to prevent your child from sustaining a sports injury. Get your child’s feet measured professionally and invest in shoes designed specifically for the sport being played. Good ankle support can help prevent sprains and ankle twisting injuries. Appropriate arch support can help prevent heel pain.

Get with the Right Program—check in at your child’s practices and make sure the training program is safe. While drills may be challenging, they shouldn’t push children too hard, too fast, especially in the beginning of the season. There should be an emphasis on proper technique and form and also warm-ups, stretches and cool downs as part of each workout.

Field of Dreams—inspect the playing surface where your child will be practicing and playing games. In order to prevent injuries, it should be well maintained, fairly level and with no debris or excessive number of holes.

Pain Equals No Gain—if your child sustains an injury or is in pain after a game or practice, seek an evaluation from your podiatrist. Need to find a podiatrist near you? Use our online directory.

When sports are played safely, everyone wins. For more information on pediatric foot health, contact us.