6 Ways to Show Senior Feet Some TLC


At NY Foot Health we want to see patients of all ages have the best possible foot health possible. Many seniors are under the false impression that arthritis and joint stiffness, weakened bones and other disabling podiatric conditions are inevitable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In honor of Older Americans Month, we’d like to offer some tips for protecting the health of your feet as you age.

1.  Follow a good daily foot care regimen. Wash your feet every day with warm water and soap. Dry them completely, paying particular attention to the spaces between your toes (dampness can encourage athlete’s foot to develop). If you sweat excessively, use an anti-fungal foot powder before putting on your socks. Apply a rich moisturizer at night before bed.

2.  Never ignore foot pain. It is not a normal part of old age! Always get concerning symptoms checked out promptly by your podiatrist. Need to find a new foot doctor? Use our online directory to locate one in your area.

3.  Reduce your risk of falls. One in four Americans age 65 and over falls each year. Consider installing assistive equipment in your home like extra stair rails, non-skid tub surfaces and grab rails for toilets and showers. Review medications periodically with your pharmacist or physician to make sure there are no interactions that could result in dizziness. Stay current with eye and ear exams.

4.  Invest in good shoes. Your shoes can help prevent foot problems from developing or worsening. A good tread can save you from trips and falls. Choose styles with roomy toe boxes, especially if you have bunions, hammertoes or other deformities. Get your foot professionally measured to see if your size has changed—it’s not uncommon for foot size to increase as you age.

5.  Strive for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t smoke to maintain good circulation. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to ensure you get the full range of nutrients you need. Avoid drinking alcohol in excess.

6.  Stay active. Regular exercise has multiple benefits to the health of your feet. It will help the muscles, tendons and joints remain flexible and fully functioning, as well as improve circulation. Plus, the calories you burn will help you maintain an appropriate weight, which means less stress on your feet.

To learn more ways to be proactive about your podiatric health at any age, contact us.