Foot Savvy Tips for Summer Vacation


At NY Foot Health, we want patients to enjoy their summer vacations and not miss out because they are sidelined with a foot or ankle problem. Get your trip off to a safe start by wearing comfortable shoes on travel day. Whether you’re traveling by plane, car or train, chances are you’ll be on your feet for a big part of the day. Shoes that are well cushioned, have proper support, and are tried and true will see you through your first day of getting where you’re going, lugging your bags and getting settled. Below are some other suggestions for keeping feet safe while you’re away.

Choose shoes that match activities—not outfits! If your vacation involves hiking, sightseeing, tennis or other sports or physical activities, be sure you have the proper footwear. Many a sprained ankle has occurred as a result of wearing flip-flops or sandals on a scenic trail walk. Flip-flops are appropriate; however, if your trip is to a resort with a pool or the shore and will protect your feet from fungal infections.

Don’t forget your orthotic. If your podiatrist has prescribed a custom orthotic device to deal with chronic foot pain or a biomechanical defect, bring it with you. Taking a week off from wearing, it can result in returning home in pain.

Get foot pain evaluated before you leave. If you’ve been experiencing pain, swelling, bruising, or other unusual foot, toe or ankle symptoms, get them evaluated by the podiatrist. Don’t have a podiatrist? Now is a perfect time to get one and we can help. Consult our online directory to find a qualified foot doctor in your area. You will most likely be on your feet more than you are during a normal work week, and that could cause a foot problem in its early stages to flare up.

Pack an “emergency kit” for your feet. There are a few items that won’t take up much room in your luggage but could save the day in a big way. These include moleskin to head off blisters, sunscreen, talcum or anti-fungal powder to keep feet dry, nail clippers, emery board, anti-biotic ointment, and bandages.

To learn more about how to be proactive in protecting your feet, contact us.